The TAS principle for efficient short-run Folding Cartons

Dresden, 9 June 2021 - The bottleneck for efficient short-run finishing is not the running speed of a folder gluer. Rather, the crucial factor is: How fast is the changeover to the next job? With the TAS principle, the KAMA FlexFold 52i makes the changeover in just a few minutes:

1. Transfer the job data (networked data exchange)
2. Activate Auto-Move
3. Start production

The impressively fast changeover results from the electronic transfer of job data from the network via the JobManager software and, first and foremost, from the automatic changeover of the entire folder gluer to the next job. Only the blanks are inserted manually. Further time savings: the FlexFold 52i moves all modules directly to the appropriate positions, without reference runs, which are necessary elsewhere.

With its high level of automation, the FlexFold 52i is very easy to operate and new staff is quickly trained.

A video shows the efficient TAS principle of the KAMA solution - and what the high automation brings in terms of speed and simplified operation. Watch now.

Two precisely finished folding cartons