KAMA OptiFoil

Preparing foil rolls in-house and reducing costs.

With the KAMA OptiFoil foil rewinder and cutter you can create your own inexpensive foil rolls from a stock roll. Tailor-made for the relevant order, with the required foil width and length and ready on demand. This saves ordering time and costs, makes production more flexible and enables orders to be turned around more quickly.

The process is well thought out: Every foil layer is cut separately on the OptiFoil and precisely wound onto a roll, guaranteeing the correct foil tension for high embossing speeds.


  • High-quality rolls thanks to the separate cutting of each foil layer
  • Extraction device for dust-free winding
  • Low-cost purchasing of foil stock on large reels
  • No unwanted fusing of the cut edges (in contrast to conventional cutting through the entire reel)
  • Suitable for all foil thicknesses

Specifications - KAMA OptiFoil

Technical data and figures are subject to change.
Roll diameter, max.300 mm
Roll width, max.650 mm
Core diameter1“ or 3“
Dimensions (L x W x H)1200 x 700 x 600 mm