Found! Here is the efficient successor to old cylinders

Dresden, October 2020 - The economical replacement for veteran cylinders is called ComCut 76 and offers professional functionality at an entry-level price – with all relevant applications and twice to three times higher productivity compared to the cylinder. The ComCut 76 is based on the proven platform of the globally used KAMA ProCut and is manufactured with KAMA components at the Dresden site.

Multiple performance
With a sheet format of 760 x 600, the new model fits today’s printing machines and processes paper, microwave, cardboard and plastic with a die cutting force of 165 tons at a performance of up to 5,500 sheets per hour.

The ComCut 76 offers all applications - die-cutting, creasing, embossing and punching - in constant output quality and makes further processing faster and more efficient with short set-up times and simple operation. All in all, a modern flatbed die cutter with contemporary safety that young operators also enjoy working on. This also solves the increasingly difficult search for spare parts and experienced operators for the cylinder. Existing die cutting tools can still be used.

You can count on this machine!
The ComCut 76 already pays for itself from 5 operating hours per week - even compared to the cylinder that has long been depreciated. “Many print shops are looking for a solid successor solution for their cylinder that will refinance itself within a manageable period of time,” claims Stefan Kleditzsch, Sales Manager for Northern Germany at KAMA. „We offer this solution with the ComCut 76, which fulfils all die-cutting and embossing tasks according to the motto ’reduced to the max’.”

Growth in the portfolio
A further advantage, in addition to the high-quality results, is the faster breakout thanks to fewer nicks. This is worthwhile both for the diversity of jobs in commercial printing and for use in folding carton production. Repeat jobs run on the ComCut 76 with Center-line and 4+1 system after only a short set-up time; even kiss-cutting of stickers is quickly set up. Unlike with cylinders, blind embossing is also possible as high-low embossing.

Like all KAMA machines, the new ComCut 76 is robustly built and with “Made in Germany” stands for durability and a high resale value.