KAMA ProCut 58

Flexible further processing in small format and digital printing.

Professional finishing in classic digital print formats: To do this, we have developed the ProCut 58 – the world's first flat-bed die cutter for the sheet size B3. The versatile professional cutter (580 x 400 mm) is extremely flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications. Cutting, creasing, scoring, perforating and kiss-cutting labels, cold embossing and Braille embossing, as well as hot-cutting of plastic materials.

  • Die Cutting
  • Creasing
  • Perforating
  • Blind Embossing
  • Braille Embossing
  • Kiss Cut

ProCut 58 flat-bed die cutter

All applications with the highest accuracy and extremely fast set-up/changeover times.

For commercial print jobs like greeting cards, tickets, product labels, plastic cards, adhesive labels etc. and for smaller packaging. For offset and digital printing. With a footprint of less than 5 m2, the compact ProCut 58 is a miracle in terms of space requirements.


Versatile applications

For a flexible post-press setup.

ProCut 58 is a flexible professional solution for post-press finishing and cold embossing of paper, paperboard and plastics in the sheet size B3. A system for hot foil finishing can be retrofitted.

Very fast conversion

Essential for short runs and in digital printing.

Conversion in just 5 minutes? Easy to achieve with the ProCut 58! These short set-up times make post-press enhancements for small and personalised job orders profitable.

Highest register accuracy

Aligning digitally printed sheets with the print image.

KAMA ProCut die cutting and stamping machines offer register accuracy that is unrivalled in the marketplace. With the KAMA AutoRegister, digital print sheets can now also be cut, creased and embossed with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre.

Continue using your existing tools

Flowing transition to the new solution.

Thanks to the universal chase of the ProCut 58, you can continue to use your existing tools for the sheet size B3 as well as small cutting dies without any problems at all.

Minimal footprint

Varied applications in the smallest possible space.

KAMA ProCut 58 offers the full scope of applications with a footprint of less than 5 m2, which means that it takes up very little space.

Specifications of the ProCut 58

Processable materials & output
* dependent on material, sheet size and die configuration Technical data and figures are subject to change.
Paperfrom 80 g/m²
Paperboardmax. 800 g/m²
Plastics80 - 800 g/m² (bis 1 mm)
Maximum sheet size580 x 400 mm (22 27/32 x 15 3/4 in)
Minimum sheet size210 x 148 mm (8 1/4 x 5 13/16 in)
Speed*6,000 sheets/h
Cutting force120 t (1.2 MN)
Maximum cutting size570 x 380 mm (22 x 15 in)
Gripper margin10 mm
Dimensions (length x width)2.6 x 1.75 m


Example equipment for the ProCut 58

  • Perfect for digital: AutoRegister for highest registration accuracy
  • Quick-change heating plate system 4+1
  • Magnetic plate for kiss-cutting fine structures and adhesive labels
  • System for hot cutting and creasing of plastics
ProCut 58 Foil


Cold embossing – positive, negative or multi-level
Embossing Braille and cutting in a single pass
Smooth edges with no nicks thanks to the single-plane sheet transport