Stripping tools? Never again! Here comes the KAMA SBU

Dresden, November 2013 – KAMA is launching an innovative device for stripping and blanking. Vital edge: the KAMA SBU Stripping & Blanking Unit works without any job-specific tools. The blanks, e.g. folding cartons, are stripped and separated by programmable rollers. Even small cut-outs such as windows and Euroslot holes are reliably removed from the blanks.

The scrap is lead down in a waste bin, the separated blanks are spread out so that multiple shingle streams can be provided side by side in the delivery unit.

The new solution cuts costs and speeds up production and is perfectly suited to handle small and medium runs in the packaging sector or in commercial printing.
The mobile SBU for KAMA ProCut die cutters comes for sheet sizes of 530x400 mm and 760x600 mm, available from now.

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