ProCut 76 Foil with Servo makes book covers shine!

July 2023 - Judge a book by its cover? Of course!!! We all love fancy covers!

FINIDR, one of the largest book manufactureres in Central Europe, which wins prizes for the most beautiful books year after year, has installed a KAMA ProCut 76 Foil in their production site in Český Těšín. It is the first ProCut 76 Foil with servo drive in the Czech Republic and FINIDR will use it for the high-quality finishing of outstanding book covers.

The servo technology of the KAMA solution makes it possible to achieve the best finishing results even at high production speeds thanks to an extended transfer time by an asynchronous stroke.

„With the well-proven hot foil stamping process on the ProCut 76, we can produce outstanding embellishment and implement our typical run lengths cost-effectively“, says Jaroslav Drahoš, owner of FINIDR s.r.o..

To further increase the productivity of their short and medium runs, FINIDR also purchased the digital positioning system KAMA CPX 76 for accelarated job preparation.

We wish the FINIDR team exciting projects. Fingers are already crossed for the next „most beautiful book“ award!

Operators at the newly installed die-cutting and hot stamping machine KAMA ProCut 76 Foil for finishing book covers