KAMA folder-gluers

High-quality and flexible production with fast delivery times – for commercial printing and packaging

More and more print shops are recognising the potential of using automated, machine-based folding and gluing. While the commercial printing market is all about wide-ranging and highly varied products and focuses on current trends for high-quality finishing and enhancements, along with enclosed add-ons that are designed to raise the curiosity of customers, an interesting new segment is currently emerging in the packaging market in the form of variable data printing (VDP): folded cartons in short runs (100 to 10,000 cartons) or with many SKUs, which cannot be produced cost-effectively using the high-performance machines of packaging manufacturers.

With a modest investment, you can summon this potential in-house and reposition your company in the marketplace with new services while occupying a niche market in packaging. Whether you choose to serve both markets with a flexible folder-gluer machine or prefer to specialise in the production of digitally printed folded cartons: KAMA has an advantageous solution for you in its portfolio, whichever scenario you opt for.

The best solution for folding and gluing?

It depends what you are after: a multi-talent or a specialist.

The KAMA ProFold 74 is a machine for (almost) every situation. This multi-talented unit comes with a whole host of different functions and a constantly updated selection of tools to deliver an extremely wide range of potential applications, including the folding and gluing of folded cartons.

By contrast, the KAMA FF 52i is specially designed for the packaging market. In 2017 it was the first folder-gluer for short runs to receive an award as the best solution for the production of folded cartons. The main advantage and USP of the unit is its ability to switch between orders in record time – something that is done on the FF 52i with fully automated changeovers to the next order.

Highlights of KAMA folder-gluers

Fast retooling, flexible in its uses

Just like all the KAMA solutions, our folder-gluers are designed for small to medium production runs, i.e. for fast changeovers between orders. We have developed innovative systems for this, such as the tool mounting grid of the ProFold 74 and the fully automated adjustment of the FF 52i, both of which are patented.


In our industry, operator convenience and fast familiarisation/initial training on the machines are becoming ever more important. So that every step is perfect and the results are impressive. Operators can learn quickly how to work with the fully automated FF 52i, allowing them to readily master the machine.

Made in Germany

Our folder-gluers are manufactured in Germany. The few parts and electronics we do source from external suppliers come from high-quality manufacturers like Heidelberg and Omron, the glue application systems from hhs and Robatech. The durable and long-lasting KAMA solutions are used by customers all around the world.

Software and automation

Backing up these fast job changes we have supporting software like the Job Planner for ProFold 74 or the high degree of automation on the KAMA FF 52i. The folder-gluer for short runs is reset for the next order virtually at the push of a button, achieving the fastest changeover times in the market.

Modular concept

KAMA folder-gluers feature a sturdy, stable construction and have a modular layout. Equipment and cutting dies are purchased by customers to suit their individual portfolio and can be upgraded at any time. With our configurator you can quickly establish which equipment will be best for implementing the services you require.

Our products

We offer a universal folder-gluer with a broad range of potential applications and the world’s first folder-gluer for short runs.

ProFold 74

Unser Multitalent zum Falten, Kleben, Aufspenden

Eine Falt- und Klebemaschine “für alle Fälle”, die eine Vielfalt an Akzidenzen fertigt - aber auch Faltschachteln für höchste Ansprüche? Die ProFold 74 bietet darüber hinaus viele weitere Anwendungen von Aufspenden bis Pick & Place und Zickzackfaltung sowie eine Software für Rüstplanung und Auftragskalkulation. Eine modulare Lösung, die sich schnell rechnet und den Einstieg in die Verpackung möglich macht.


Die weltweit erste FKM für Kleinauflagen

Digital gedruckte Faltschachteln und viele SKU’s wirtschaftlich fertigen: Für diesen attraktiven Markt hat KAMA die FF 52i entwickelt. Die erste vollautomatische Faltschachtelklebemaschine für Kleinauflagen realisiert den Auftragswechsel rekordschnell. So werden versionierte und individualisierte Auflagen profitabel – ob Längsnahtschachtel, Kissenverpackung oder Faltbodenschachtel.

Applications of the KAMA folder-gluers

Presentation folders with and without capacity, cross folders, ticket pockets, envelopes …

Dispensing and inserting product samples, cards, booklets …

Folding cartons (straight-line boxes, lock bottom boxes), also with Euro hanger and window