Die cutting, embossing and finishing machines

A brilliant tour-de-force for increased profit margins.

Post-press embellishment does what it sets out to do: It sparks the customer's attention, helps boost awareness for the brand and manufacturer and increases profit margins for your printing company – helping you to set yourself apart from the competition in the process. To help you do this, we have made our finishing die cutters as versatile as possible. With ten applications, the solutions from KAMA can be used flexibly to unlock the lucrative end of the value creation chain.

For high-end commercial printing and packaging jobs such as advertising media, labels and folded cartons, enhanced with hot foil, textures, micro/nanostructures or holograms for brand protection.

Hot foil stamping in gold with finest structures of a leaf

Highlights of the KAMA machines for embellishment

The die cutting and embellishment machines with the widest range of applications - and fast changeover!

10 different applications in a single machine

Get post-press embellishment into your portfolio and forget about price dumping! A KAMA finishing die cutter will not only deliver all the basic applications you need, it will also provide you with lucrative in-house embellishment capabilities. For new services and new customers. No other machine is this versatile.

Register? Perfect.

Important for digital printing: The KAMA AutoRegister correctly aligns every sheet to the print image and guarantees the highest registration accuracy. This ensures that the embellishment, crease lines and cutting contours fit perfectly to the tenth of a millimetre.
NEW: AutoRegister AR3 with skew adjust!

Very fast set-up

On a KAMA finishing die cutter, the process of setting up is quick and easy. Whether for setting up your next order or changing from hot foil stamping to cutting and back again. With minimal heating times, and no need for a cooling phase at all.

Efficiency for short runs

When it comes to finishing for short runs, fast set-up times are absolutely essential. KAMA die cutting and finishing machines have always been designed for small to medium-sized print runs and are optimised with matching features for post-press applications in digital printing.

Network capable

KAMA solutions can be networked for a two-way data exchange with your management system. As a manufacturer, this puts us far ahead of the competition in all matters relating to the subject of Print 4.0 and post-press.

Quality made in Germany

KAMA machines are manufactured in Germany. The few parts we do source from external suppliers come from high-quality manufacturers like Heidelberg, Omron and Keyence. Their reliability and durability is in demand all around the world.

Our products

We offer die cutting and finishing machines for two different sheet sizes, as well as a solution with a tool-free stripper for the packaging market.

ProCut 76 Foil

Our flagship for high-quality finishing

Do you need an efficient solution for post-press finishing and enhancements for print runs ranging from 100 to 500,000 sheets? The tried and tested die cutting, embossing and finishing machine ProCut 76 Foil is versatile like no other, delivers top quality and makes even small and digitally printed orders cost effective with its short set-up times.

ProCut 58 Foil

Our compact class for small-size sheets

The digital printing stage is quickly completed. The next step is to send the printed objects off to the ProCut 58 Foil for finishing enhancements. The only die cutting, embossing and finishing machine for classic digital print formats offers many applications including first-rate hot foil stamping and is optimised for the requirements of digital printing.

KAMA ProCut 76 Foil Packaging

Our finishing die cutter for packaging

Are you planning to enter the booming market for short-run packaging jobs? The ProCut 76 Foil in the Packaging Edition with the unique tool-free KAMA stripper will get your post-press setup fit for the production of enhanced cartons and for the high demands of brand manufacturers.

Examples of applications