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“Nosco has a focus on pharmaceutical and health care clients. For our print-on-demand jobs we invested in an HP Indigo 30000 and a KAMA ProCut 76 Packaging very early on and set up an independent business unit on the east coast of the US. That is where we produce folding cartons in runs of up to 100,000 pieces in an autonomous workflow. The KAMA ProCut 76 Packaging, with its precise AutoRegister and the tool-free stripping and blanking is the ideal complement to the system. We look forward to getting a second machine shortly and enhance it with the foil option.”

Craig Curran, Nosco, USA

“We have tested the beta version of KAMA‘s Folder-Gluer FlexFold 52i for several months. The machine has been running trouble-free from the very beginning, so that we were able to integrate it in scheduled production right away.
For me, the most outstanding feature is that it sets itself up for defined folding carton sizes in a fully automated fashion. It only takes 4-6 minutes for the FlexFold 52i to set up for repeat orders of straight-line boxes – this was absolutely fascinating for our employees, who were also impressed by the smooth and silent running even at high production speeds.”

Marc Prior, Kroha, Germany

“Before deciding to invest I put the KAMA ProCut 76 Foil Packaging with AutoRegister through an intensive test. The decision depended on two factors: the ability to precisely correct a register that might possibly not be quite precise, as well as the ability for a high quality finish. In both cases the KAMA met our high demands – and still does after a full year in use.”

Jonathan Mihy, MR Cartonnage Numérique,

“Digital Design is a smaller printing shop, and yet, we offer a wide range of finishing options, so that our customers get everything from one source.
A few years ago, we invested in the KAMA ProCut 74 Foil with the cliché positioning system CPX 76 and the ProFold 74 folder gluer. The wide range of applications of this equipment gives us a unique selling proposition in our region.”

Jürgen Piper, Digital Design,

“We are one of the leading industrial sheetfed offset printing shops in Europe and we use KAMA machines in several factories. Our customers, large internet printing portals (e.g. Flyeralarm), can be sure that we deliver high-quality products quickly and reliably.
KAMA is a very good and reliable partner for us in keeping this promise. All of their machines are intuitive to operate, so that new staff become familiar with them in no time. In addition to two ProCut 76 Foil and a ProCut 76, we also use a ProFold 74 for a variety of high-quality products.”

Ulrich Stetter, Druckhaus Mainfranken, Germany

“We have been using the KAMA ProFold 74 since 2015. After the fast installation and an excellent training, the possibilities offered by this machine have become a standard part of the services we offer.
We are very happy that we decided to invest in this machine, which has been running absolutely reliable right from the start.”

Dr. Mariano Morello, Morello SA,

“For a Chinese company, buying a German die cutter and finisher is something special. What convinced me was the precision of the ProCut 76 Foil that was guaranteed by the AutoRegister function and the possibility to use the machine for high quality finishing and die cutting/creasing, which increases machine utilisation and improves the profitability.”

Zhongwei Mo, ADD Print,