Digital printing:
The great art of small batches

Volume is the secret to success – that always has been and still remains the guiding principle for many manufacturers in printing, finishing and further processing of packaging.

And indeed, high-volume flexo and offset printing batches still account for more than 90% of the market. But the proportions are shifting increasingly, with two major lines of development converging in recent years:

  • the continuous increase in the quality of digital print products
  • the trend towards personalisation, small editions and on-demand printing

Digital printing as an alternative or supplement to offset printing

In view of the high costs of printing and falling batch sizes, digital printing and the subsequent post-press processes offer a valuable contribution to companies of all sizes in terms of added value.

Large packaging manufacturers also want to be able to offer their regular clients smaller digital printing batches as a special service. By contrast, smaller print shops see an opportunity for gaining new customers in the addition of high-quality packaging solutions to their classic portfolio.

In both cases, KAMA offers an entry point into this lucrative market with its finishing die cutters and folder-gluers. The KAMA machines are capable of compensating for the weaknesses of digital printing in terms of register accuracy and make special finishing of small print runs profitable.

Our Products for the Pack­aging market

We offer a complete work­flow for folding box produc­tion after printing - from die cutting/​creasing/​strip­ping to folding and gluing.

KAMA DC 76 Foil

Our finishing die cutter for packaging

Are you planning to enter the booming market for short-run packaging jobs? The finishing die cutter DC 76 Foil with the tool-free KAMA stripper will get your post-press setup fit for the production of glossy, enhanced cartons and for the high demands of brand manufacturers.

FlexFold 52i

The world's first folder-gluer for short runs

Cost-effective production of digitally printed folded cartons and small SKUs: KAMA has developed the FlexFold 52i for this attractive market. With the first fully automated folded carton gluing machine for short runs, order changes can be implemented in record time (just a few minutes). This allows version-controlled and individualised print runs to become profitable – whether straight-line boxes, cushioned packaging or lock bottom boxes.

Cockpit with Job-Manager

Connecting the workflow for more productivity

The Cockpit serves to optimize work preparation and sets the course for Print 4.0: The Job-Manager software links the KAMA solutions with your MIS and enables data exchange through to further processing. Your electronic job control thus covers the entire workflow. The CPX positioning system can be integrated into the Cockpit.

Our topics for the packaging market