KAMA has been putting its stamp on the future for over 125 years.

Future-compatible solutions have a long tradition at KAMA. Starting with the patented Remus bending process, which revolutionised the entire cardboard-processing industry in the late 19th century, through the world’s first automatic die cutter in the 1930s and on to today’s finishing die cutters, along with the world’s first fully automated folder-gluer for digitally printed orders.

Just like our customers, we see the changes that are taking place in our dynamic industry as a source of motivation and an opportunity to grow. This is why 10 percent of our employees work in the area of research and development. They make sure that every KAMA machine contains a glimpse of the future – to help you successfully manage the requirements in post-press, finishing and print enhancements.

Cooperation projects with TU Dresden, the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences and other players guarantee fast knowledge transfer from research into practice.

Some innovations from the past 20 years

2017 KAMA expands the Job Manager software for machine networking, process optimisation and automation.
2016 At drupa the Dresden-based company presents the “Generation Servo” of the ProCut 76 Foil with doubled output for hot foil stamping.
2015 The first folder-gluer with fully automated adjustment is launched in the form of the KAMA FF 52i. This makes the production of small SKUs and personalised print runs profitable.
2014 KAMA presents the SBU inline stripper for tool-free stripping and blank separation.
2012 KAMA launches the AutoRegister. This means that every sheet is processed with high registration accuracy and enhanced in post-press – even in digital printing.
  In the same year the company also presents the new ProCut 76 Foil, with new features, a servo-driven sheet feeder and the larger sheet size of 760 x 600 cm.
2010 The “Job Planner” is released for software-assisted setup of the ProFold 74 folder-gluer.
2008 At drupa KAMA presents world’s first die cutting machine for classic digital print formats: ProCut 58.
2007 KAMA launches the new ProFold 74 folder-gluer with a grid-controlled tool mounting system.
2006 New design for the ProCut 74 finishing die cutter, with new options and higher output. A device for hologram stamping is also developed.
2005 The hot-cut system for cutting plastic materials on KAMA ProCut die cutting machines is ready for market.
2002 KAMA launches a hot foil stamping module for the ProCut models; since then, these have been the die cutting and finishing machines with the largest number of applications.