Platen press, cylinder or a modern cutting station?

Why the cheapest solution is often not the best one.

When it comes to cutting, creasing and embossing, many print shops in Germany and abroad still use the original Heidelberg cylinders or even older platen presses – often affectionately referred to by colleagues in the US as “windmills”. But now it is getting ever more difficult to find operators for these old machines – quite apart from issues like spare parts, servicing and occupational safety.

The KAMA die cutting and stamping machines in the ProCut series – with or without hot foil stamping modules – are the ideal replacement for worn-out cylinders that are past their use-by date. But compared to the long written-off machines, the cost of a new investment can initially be daunting.

When is the right time to invest in modern cutting equipment? This is a question many printing companies are asking themselves.

Feasibility and profitability studies can be tricky, as there are a whole range of advantages that cannot be translated into numbers.

  • Addition of new technology – delivering an expanded range of services
  • Significantly higher and more consistent quality (essential for brand manufacturers)
  • Improved occupational safety and faster familiarisation/initial training
  • Matching sheet sizes for current printing presses

In some areas, the benefits of KAMA machines are easy to calculate:

  • Shorter set-up times
  • Higher performance
  • Faster stripping of blanks, as almost no nicks are required
  • Convenient financing and high re-sale value

Calculations based on these variables show that the KAMA solution pays for itself in around 2½ years: slightly faster with higher utilisation, or slightly longer if it is utilised for less than one shifThe consistently high quality also opens up access to the niche market for digitally printed folded cartons. For this we offer a die cutting machine with a tool-free inline stripper on rollers, which is pushed into the machine when needed
(KAMA DC 76).

Our products for the commercial market

We offer machines with a particularly wide range of applications both for finishing and die-cutting as well as for folding and gluing. Both solutions can also be used for folding box production and serve the packaging market.

ProCut 76 Foil

Our flagship for high-quality finishing

Do you need an efficient solution for post-press finishing and enhancements for print runs ranging from 100 to 500,000 sheets? The tried and tested die cutting, embossing and finishing machine ProCut 76 Foil is versatile like no other, delivers top quality and makes even small and digitally printed orders cost effective with its short set-up times.

ProFold 74

Our multi-talent for folding, gluing, dispensing

Are you looking for a folder-gluer that can not only cover every job and deal with a multitude of commercial printing tasks, but that can also produce folded cartons that meet the highest demands? The ProFold 74 offers even more applications, from dispensing and pick-and-place to zig-zag folding and software for set-up planning and order calculations. A modular solution that quickly pays for itself and helps printing companies take the leap into the world of packaging.