Commercial printing: on a mission to wow customers

We love things that are special, things that are exceptional. And we like things we can touch and understand.

For a long time, commercial print shops faced one particular challenge: producing short runs at low cost. But barely any supplier in the market today will survive by focusing on price alone. More and more companies that specialise in commercial print jobs have therefore chosen a different strategy. They are taking the plunge into the premium segment and expanding their portfolio with post-press offerings and automated final production for folding and gluing.

With an investment in a compact all-rounder like the ProCut 76 Foil or the ProFold 74 from KAMA, you will benefit in three different ways:

  • Renowned performance and greater added value
  • Increased flexibility in post-press and finishing
  • Keeping all aspects of production in-house ensures reliable quality and shortens delivery times

Making quality tangible: with enhanced brochures, invitations or business cards

In a constant barrage of advertising messages, companies can find it increasingly difficult to reach their customers. It is all the more important to offer print products that offer a special experience at every touchpoint – both visually and in terms of the feel of print objects. After all, even in the digital era a sense of quality is delivered the old-fashioned way – directly via our senses.

The promotional impact of enhanced commercial printing has now been verified scientifically: the added value boosts retention time, level of attention and purchase incentive.

Often a few small, well-placed details are enough to highlight the classiness and appeal of a brand – an embossed detail on the label, a hologram on the packaging, a hot foil stamping on the presentation folder.

You can do all of this efficiently with our versatile machines.

Our solutions for the commercial printing market


Stanz-, Präge- und Veredelungsmaschinen

Besonders lohnenswert ist für Akzidenzdruckereien die Investition in die Heißfolienprägung. Allrounder wie die KAMA ProCut 76 Foil amortisieren sich aufgrund der hohen Wertschöpfung binnen kurzer Zeit und decken gleichzeitig die Basisanwendungen ab.


Stanz- und Prägemaschinen

Die Maschinen der ProCut-Reihe sorgen für maximale Flexibilität im Postpress. Alle Maschinen sind mit Optionen modulierbar und können nachgerüstet werden, z. B. mit einem System zum Heißfolienprägen oder zum Heißstanzen von Plastik (Hot Cut).


Falt- und Klebemaschinen

Handarbeit war gestern, heute läuft es an der ProFold 74 maschinell. Mit diesem Multitalent zum Falten, Kleben und Aufspenden können Sie Arbeiten automatisieren, die bislang vielfach in kostenintensiver Handarbeit erledigt werden.

Find out more about the following topics:

Print finishing

It should feel good. It should stand out and impress. It should be prac­tical. But it also needs to be effi­cient to produce, with a short time to market.

Die cutting, creasing, embossing

Cutting, creasing and embossing are key elements that define the quality of your commer­cial printing jobs. The machines in the ProCut series offer on top maximum flex­ib­ility in post-press.

Folding carton production

Unlim­ited design options, comfort­able hand­ling, sustain­able mater­ials: here are good reasons why folded cartons have been an abso­lute classic in the world of pack­aging for over 150 years.